Welcome To The Hope Project

School Teams

Each year several dozen high school students, who would otherwise not attend school, have their school fees waived and are given a spot on The Hope Project School's soccer, kickball or academic quizzing team.

The Classroom

The student to textbook ratio at is 16 to 1. Become a monthly donor today and help us provide more material for the school. 

The Staff

The Hope Project employs 42 Liberian citizens including teachers, administrators, a certified nurse, janitors and security guards.

The Students

Currently, there are 1,200 Pre-K through 12th grade students attending Hope International School. It costs $7,500 a month to run the school's current operations.

School Campus

The Hope International School opened in November 2007 in Gardnersville, Liberia. Donors have since gifted money to renovate buildings, add a security fence, build bathrooms and provide fresh water to students and surrounding neighbors.

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The Hope Project - Liberia, Africa

After nearly two decades of civil war, Liberia's infrastructure was devastated and it's education system destroyed. Today the country is slowly rebuilding, but it remains the fourth poorest country in the world. Our goal is to help end the cycle of poverty by providing a tuition-free, Pre-K through 12th grade school where children who otherwise couldn't afford an education can go to school, graduate with a high school diploma, and go beyond to get a job, support their family and contribute to the regrowth of their country. The Hope Project School is providing a future of hope for the children and families in Liberia. Be a part of this story of hope by donating today!

Who We Are

We are a community in the U.S. supporting the dreams of a community in Liberia. Several families in WA adopted boys who were orphaned after Liberia’s civil war. During these adoptions, we developed a friendship with native Liberian Joseph Cummings. We asked Joseph how we could help, and he answered, “We need a school. These children are the future of Liberia, and without education they can do nothing for us.” Read more...




What We Do

We partner with community leaders in Gardnersville, Liberia to determine the most pressing needs of the people. Since 2007 we have provided the means to renovate buildings, construct a water reservoir, buy basic medical supplies, and pay the salaries of the 42 Liberian employees. With the help of donors we continue to support the daily operations of the school and look forward to improving the programs in the future. Read more...


You Can Help

Become a monthly donor, give a one-time gift, join our $5 for Hope campaign or shop AmazonSmile to support The Hope Project. Help us tell our story by hosting an informal gathering for us to present our video at your home, neighborhood BBQ, book club, school, church or place of work. Share our story via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or our ENewsletter. Read more...