Driving Hope

Dear Friends of HOPE,

Recently, my husband, David, and I have been forced into the car buying market, which as we all know, can be fraught with anxiety and frustration. How old can we go and still get something reliable? Is it in our budget? How much of the budget should our car take up? You get the point. And in the midst of the sometimes painful process, I’m struck with the thought “how fortunate am I to have the option to purchase reliable transportation?

Turns out, our school in Liberia is in need of a little car shopping too. Actually, our school has never had the funds to purchase a school vehicle. As is usually the case, other things have been given more priority: the general operation of the school, scholarships once graduated, as well as the purchase and continued renovation of the school campus. But the truth is, the school needs a car…well a van specifically.

While in Liberia this last January, our school principal, Joseph, was able to borrow a car for our time there, through the generosity of a Hope graduate whose father runs a repair shop. We were grateful…and slightly terrified. We almost lost a few of us out of the back when the door that intermittently latched flew open often and unexpectedly. It broke down at the most inopportune times, and was “fixed” on the side of the road multiple times by skilled and resourceful youth. Having a working car in Liberia is a luxury. Having one for the school feels like a necessity.

There are many times transportation is needed to get kids to and from academic events, team sports and school administration business to attend to, picking up of materials for the school and ongoing building needs, and students who travel long distances in the rainy season to obtain an education and need help with transportation. Over the years, Joseph has expressed this need and we have put it off and put it off, because we needed to focus on the things mentioned above…and frankly, we just couldn’t afford it, but that is true of almost every single beautiful thing we have accomplished together. We share with you, friends of HOPE, and you step up big and together we make what seemed impossible, possible. We are sharing with you this need with the knowledge that something amazing just might happen. In both small and large gifts, somehow, because of you all, we will get there.

Will you join me in helping us purchase a school van? We have set a goal of $10,000 to get a reliable van for our students. It will literally carry Liberia’s future and allow these dream-chasers ever-increasing opportunity and hope. You are the absolute best…really.

Moving Forward,

Jackie Frazier