Motorcycle Club

Liberia Motorcycle Club is underway!

While in Liberia this past year, some Hope International graduates on scholarship approached us and said that if they had a motorcycle, they could pay for their own food and living expenses while at college, since that is not covered in the scholarships we have provided. Motorcycles are the Taxi/Uber/Lyft of Liberia. It got us thinking and the Liberian Motorcycle Club was launched this summer. This will be a pilot program with four motorcycles (we currently have two) for 4 students in different parts of Liberia to have a small business opportunity while pursuing their educations. The motorcycles are $800 and the students will have 15 months to pay back the loan for the bikes. A small portion of each payment goes back into the school as a payback for the opportunity.

Through the generosity of so many, the pilot project has been fully funded! Four graduates of Hope International, currently attending college, have been selected to participate in this program. Smith, Cornelius, Junior and Lorenzo will be provided a motorcycle to use as a small transportation business while in school, providing income for food, books and other college expenses.

This is an exciting time for The Hope Project as we continue to walk beside our graduates, creatively supporting their sunglass needing bright futures.