Liberia: Latin, "land of the free"

Liberia is not a country that is on most people's personal radar, and many likely don't have a reference point for it outside of the recent ebola epidemic.

So why do we work there?

Wondering what else could be done, these friends and families posed a question to Joseph, asking what it was Liberians needed most.  "We need a school," he answered.  "Our children are the future of Liberia, and without eduction they can do nothing for us."  Over the course of the next several months, funds were raised and sent to Joseph, who used the money to renovate a neglected building site and turn it into a functioning multi-room school facility.  With money raised through committed donors in the U.S., Joseph hired state-certified teachers and opened the school's tuition-free doors to 400 local children.  

It all continues with you.

What began as two families sharing ideas and dreams has turned into an amazing network of friends, professionals and community members doing what they can to help provide some of life's basic necessities to the next generation of Liberians: education, medical care and clean water.

These things aren't just hopes.  They are the first movements of an entire country getting back on its feet.  And it's all possible because of your support.





Leavenworth, Washington // United States
Gardnersville, Montserrado // Liberia

Student Body

1,200 students, Pre-K–12th Grade
male/female student ratio: nearly 50/50


Kindergarten - 12th Grade Education
Clean Water Access
Basic Medical Care
Athletic & Educational Scholarships


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