Dear Friends of Hope,

Over the last decade, we have built beautiful things
together: educational opportunities, classrooms, dreams, computer and science labs, scholarships, bathrooms, Ebola protections, a well, employment, community health, and most importantly, hope. Together, we have formed a cross-cultural partnership that has built a thriving school providing education for 1200 students annually and employment for over 50 Liberian staff members. 

Our school and the land it sits on became available for purchase last year. We had been leasing it for the previous 9 years. Through the generosity of a handful of existing partners, we were able to purchase the school and land and begin some much needed improvements.

Now, together, we stand the proud and grateful owners of our very own impactful, bursting, fixer-upper. So here we are, asking again. We have seen the miracles you have created, and we know the children depending on us deserve one more. This school is only possible because you sprinkle generosity around like confetti. It is amazing to behold.

Just as we have encouraged the students to dream big dreams, we too are dreaming our biggest dreams yet.
Together, we are building a school that houses Liberia’s
future. What we are creating matters. Its ripples will carry far and wide.

One hundred thousand dollars feels almost silly to say out loud. It’s ludicrous. It’s future-altering. It is hope and belief and a wild faith in the very best of all of us.

This hope is woven into the threads of our shared humanity. With your help, we can spin those threads of hope into the fabric of a future these children can count on.

We ARE The Hope Project. You, and us. Together, we can.

With my deepest gratitude,
Jackie Frazier
Executive Director



"We have seen the miracles you have created, and know the children depending on us deserve one more."

– Jackie Frazier
Executive Director
The Hope Project

The school that hope is building.

Teachers and students currently gather to learn in a building with a collapsing foundation. Over the years they have dubbed it “the death trap”.  We can replace this death trap with a literal foundation impacting years to come. We know how you give generously, and that you trust us to spend it in ways that bring about the possibilities we dream of for this country.

Our Goal $100,000

100% of your gifts will be put towards the following:

  • Replace existing building aka “the death trap”
  • Fully equip computer lab
  • Large school generator and fuel
  • Purchase school vehicle
  • State mandated curriculum

Please join us.

Be part of the journey as we shoot for our biggest dreams yet. You can be sure, with our decade long track record, that your gifts will be received and used as offerings from your labor and life. Look at the improvements we have already made together:

  • Purchased school and land
  • Completed renovation of two story structure that now houses science and computer labs
  • Brought public water and electricity to the building
  • Demolished “death trap” building
  • Built the foundation for the new two story classroom building that will replace “death trap”

 We are extremely grateful for your partnership and generosity.